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Do you really need an agent in Kalymnos to handle your paperwork?

We ventured for a week this time.  We started from Marti Marina and sailed to the north end of Kalymnos.  Due to deteriorating weather (blowing 25 - 30 knots, 6-7 Beaufort), we decided to start our return trip before making it to our final destination of Patmos.  Next time :)

We did our entry and clearing in procedures in Kalymnos.  I have to say except for a little bit walking around, the process was very smooth and very easy.  No need to pay an agent (people we met over dinner said they paid 60 EURs for agency services).

I wanted to summarise the process for those who would like to try it on their own.

Port Police and Customs are in the same building, located at the southwest corner of the port.  You will recognise it from the big Greek flag in front of it.

I first went to Port Police who helped me prepare the whole package.  They charged 25 EURs entry fee.  Then I walked over to the police station for immigration procedures.  This walk is about 15 minutes, but you get to see parts of the island that are not touristy and might not have seen otherwise.  At the police station, they checked our visas, and stamped the passports and the document provided by the customs office.  I then walked back to the southwest end corner of the port again, this time for Customs.  Customs then prepared a transit log (20 EURs) and sent me back downstairs to the Port Police for a final check.

The whole process, including the walks and waits took about an hour.

I learned that the Customs office is open from 8am to 13:00.  If you arrive after 13:00, like we did, the Port Police calls the Customs lady and she comes from home to do your paper work.  She was very quick.

Insieme in Kalymnos

About the port.  The port is not very pleasant to be honest.  It's crowded.  We arrived around 18:00 and there were just 5 spots or so left.  The Port Master sees you when you arrive and points out where you should dock.

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